Painting by Dick Rude

Who Is Dick Rude?

Dick Rude was born and raised in Los Angeles. His film career began at the age of 15 when he attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. As an actor he has appeared in several films including "Sid and Nancy", "The Wild Life" and "Repo Man," which he also participated in as a contributing writer. Rude left UCLA Film School to co-write and star in "Straight to Hell," which features such notables as Dennis Hopper, Courtney Love and Elvis Costello.

His other writing credits include a pilot for Sophia Coppola, "Hi Octane" and an un-produced script commissioned by River Phoenix. As a Producer/Director, Rude has done several music videos. His latest accomplishments have been music documentaries for Blonde Redhead: "Nothing Something," Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Off the Map" and "LA Punk - The First Five Years," featured on the "Punk Attitude" DVD.

His latest film "Let's Rock Again!" has received widespread acclaim and recognition. Dick Rude is currently preparing for his next film "The Asshole" with his friend and Executive Producer Jim Jarmusch. Back to Top of Page

What's He Done?


1985 Barbershop Film Short UCLA
1985 Catholic School Girls… :Red Hot Chili Peppers Music Video EMI
1988 Fight Like A Brave: Red Hot Chili Peppers Music Video EMI
1991 Crazy Sundays/Ichiro: Let's Work Together Music Video WEA Music
2000 Big Day Out & U.S. Tour: Red Hot Chili Peppers Web Series Z.Com
2000 U.S. Tour/Tommy Lee: Methods Of Mayhem Web Series Z.Com
2000 After Dark: Tito & Tarantula Music Video Jam On Toast
2001 Off The Map: Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert DVD Warner Bros 
2002 Nothing Something Documentary  Dick Rude Prod
2003 Universally Speaking: Red Hot Chili Peppers  Music Video Warner Bros
2003 Coma Girl: Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Music Video Epitaph
2004 Let’s Rock Again! Documentary Image Entertainment
2005 Going Republican: Bob Forrest Music Video Rebel’s Wood
2005 La Punk - The First Five Years: Punk Attitude DVD Documentary Capital Entertainment
2010 Quit (Writer and Director) Feature Film Trash City


1984 Repo Man Film  Universal
1984 The Wild Life Film Universal
1984 Night Of The Comet Film Atlantic
1985 Sid And Nancy Film Goldwyn
1986 Straight To Hell Film Island
1987 Walker Film Universal
1991 Tokyo Holiday Film Tohokushinsha
1991 Onrust Tv Series  Vpro Dutch TV
1993 Roadside Prophets Film New Line
1994 Dead Souls Film Vpro Dutch TV
2002 Global Boombox TV Host MTV2



1984 Creative Consultant Repo Man Film  Universal
1986 Co-Writer Straight To Hell Film Island
1985 Comm. Author Sid And Nancy Film Goldwyn
1994 Writer Hi-Octane TV Pilot Sofia Coppola
2010 Writer and Director Quit Feature Film Trash City


1985 Writer Beer Run Screenplay  Alex Cox
1990 Writer Dreams Of Home Screenplay Doh Prod
1993 Writer Rubber Bullets Screenplay River Phoenix
1996 Co-Writer Pride Of The Morning Screenplay PSC Intl

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